What a difference a day makes..

Yesterday everything was fluffy and fairytale like. Today it’s just sad and boring. What a Sunday!

Laura was almost free of her fever this morning, and she slept almost all night, in opposite to yesterday where she almost didn’t sleep at all. When Laura sleeps I sleep, so I had a good nights sleep for a change. 🙂

For once I think that I’ve got our dinner for this evening planned. Yesterday we were going to have beef tortillas, but somehow I forgot to buy beef. Had everything except beef – BOMMER!! Today we are having some really good steaks with mashed roots and lovely fried mushrooms on the side and rose sprouts for me. Martin hates those and Laura might eat one or two.. And yes, I have the meat!! YUM!

Sunday is weight day and this week I didn’t really look forward to it. I know it’s not an excuse but this week has been so exhausting in so many ways. Not even once in this week did I eat the right way.. Luckily it wasn’t that bad. I only gained 100g.


Next week I’m going for it again. Slim me, here I come!!!

4 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes..

  1. GODT gået. Havde det været mig havde jeg ikke stået på vægten, og så havde jeg gået med tanken om at jeg nok havde taget mindst 1,5 kg på i mindst en uge mere.

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